Greetings from Rocky Mountain National Park!

Our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, a trip our family will never forget: the beautiful snow capped peaks in early June, the snow filled trails, the roads carved through 12-foot snow banks, the thick snowy tundra, the clear mountain air, cold mountain springs, the icy lakes, the moose, black bear, mule deer, hawks, birds, chipmunks, breathtaking vistas in every direction and our wonderful afternoon spent gazing at Dream Lake.



P.S. I support the parks because… We need to protect these beautiful parts of the world for future generations to enjoy. We need to keep these places protected and funded so more can come and enjoy our beautiful planet.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Visitors to Rocky Mountain National park are met with breathtaking views of the spectacular Rocky Mountain range, with 60 peaks over 12,000 feet, small permanent glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, and historic and cultural treasures including ancient trails, game drives, cattle ranches, and lodges.

  • State: Colorado
  • Established: 1915
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