Greetings from Grand Canyon National Park!

With Alzheimer's in our family for 3 generations it is important to live life to it's fullest. In 2016 my daughter and I began to build memories together by visiting a different national park each year. So, in 2016 we went to Big Bend and Ft. Davis. April 17, 2017 we hiked the Bright Angel Trail and South Rim Trail of the Grand Canyon. Then went to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forrest. Experiencing the beauty and grandeur of God's creation reminds us of His love. We are so blessed to have the national parks to remind us that modern day technology while useful can be a distraction.



P.S. I support the parks because… To preserve and protect the parks for my grand children, great grand children, and all future generations.

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Grand Canyon National Park

Found on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most studied geologic landscapes in the world. The canyon, created when drainage systems carved the semi-arid desert, offers a record of three of the four eras of geologic time and supports five of the seven life zones. The park protects endemic and threatened species and rare ecosystems like the boreal forest.

  • State: Arizona
  • Established: 1919
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