Greetings from Grand Canyon National Park!

I thought I would never see anything as awe-inspiring as the ocean, that is, until I peered over the edge of the Grand Canyon. This visit was made even more special because it was with my father who passed away unexpectedly less than 5 years later. He was my best friend and my traveling companion, and we shared many adventures. This particular day we hiked the 8 mile trail on the south rim. Last year I went back and ran that trail in his memory, and I could vividly recall the places we had stopped for water breaks or to snap pictures. A light rain fell as I ran and helped to disguise the tears that were flowing down my cheeks. When I reached the end of the trail I was wet, cold, and very emotional. However, as I boarded the bus to ride back to the village, I realized that this was not just a run, and this was not just a trail. This was a connection with the natural beauty surrounding me, and with my father, who was beside me the whole way. This place is not only unparalleled in its beauty, but also possesses a healing power that cannot be explained, only felt.



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Grand Canyon National Park

Found on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most studied geologic landscapes in the world. The canyon, created when drainage systems carved the semi-arid desert, offers a record of three of the four eras of geologic time and supports five of the seven life zones. The park protects endemic and threatened species and rare ecosystems like the boreal forest.

  • State: Arizona
  • Established: 1919
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