Greetings from Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument!

This is a beautiful sacred space that commemorates Custer's Last Stand and contributes to an understanding of the Lakota and other Plains Indian tribes. I was reminded of the savage atrocities committed against indigenous peoples during the founding of this country. When I went to school General Custer was a hero and I even had an action figure so I appreciate getting a less sanitized history lesson.



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Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

This site commemorates the June 25, 1876 battle between the U.S. Army's seventh cavalry, guided by Crow and Arikara scouts, and several bands of Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho. The park includes battlefields, a cemetery, and trails to hike along with history.

  • State: Montana
  • Established: 1946
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