Greetings from Olympic National Park!

Visiting Ruby Beach last week on a 10 day National Park trip that took us to Olympic, North Cascades and Mount Ranier National Parks. These were 21, 22 and 23 marked off of our National Park bucket list!!! Almost half way to visiting all of the parks...they mean the world to me and I am an annual donor!!



P.S. I support the parks because… The preserved beauty of these places bring me joy, strength and peace.

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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park offers a variety of bioclimatic zones within its boundaries—high mountains with glaciers and flower-laden, sub-alpine meadows, deep river valleys draped in temperate rainforest, and wild, rugged Pacific coast. At nearly one million acres, the park is unique in that no road crosses its expanse, and thus, 95 percent of the park is designated wilderness.

  • State: Washington
  • Established: 1909
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