Greetings from Grand Canyon National Park!

Starting with the Grand Canyon then going on to Dinosaur, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion---all provide special memories for me as I think back to family gatherings over the years. But now with a grandson serving as a park rescue worker I have a renewed appreciation for our national parks. While I have always delighted in the scenic beauty, learning experiences and family fun we enjoyed, now I have a new awareness of the devoted workers that make our public enjoyment possible. They give so much and are most deserving of our praise.



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Grand Canyon National Park

Found on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most studied geologic landscapes in the world. The canyon, created when drainage systems carved the semi-arid desert, offers a record of three of the four eras of geologic time and supports five of the seven life zones. The park protects endemic and threatened species and rare ecosystems like the boreal forest.

  • State: Arizona
  • Established: 1919
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