Greetings from Grand Teton National Park!

It didn’t matter that we were lost, the scenery was so beautiful. My father stopped the car, and my sister and I got out to take pictures. It was a warm day, with a hint of a breeze. The scene in front of me looked like one of the puzzles my sister would do, but even grander. My parents had taken my sister and I on a tour of the Yellowstone Grand Teton loop. Despite the rugged mountain range in front of me, Yellowstone Park seemed more open and expansive than Yosemite, where we had visited the summer before. I didn’t know at the time that Yellowstone was the first national park in the United States. The same day, not long after this picture was taken, we saw a herd of bison. They were so close to the car, it seemed that they were as big as the SUV we were driving in. We did not get out this time. That night, we stayed at the rustic Bar N Ranch, where I relished a bowl of gouda and tomato soup. It was a perfect way to end a veritable feast.


Emily Lum

P.S. I support the parks because… As I head off to college next year, I will remember the road trips my family took while I was growing up.

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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton is a spectacular park where every vista will take your breath away. The best-known feature of the park is the jagged granite peaks of the Teton Range that tower over 7,000 feet above the Jackson Hole valley. The valley is covered by sagebrush and bisected by the wild Snake River. Come and enjoy wildflower meadows, alpine lakes, glaciers, lakes, and premier outdoor recreation and relaxation.

  • State: Wyoming
  • Established: 1929
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