Greetings from Olympic National Park!

I donned my first pair of hiking boots at 42 years old and headed solo to a hiking camp in Southern Utah. When they felt we were ready for more challenging trails they took us to Zion National Park. I returned home in love with the thrill of the challenge and the beauty that surrounded me that week. I asked my husband to buy a pair of boots and we have been hiking ever since. We have visited 26 parks and now with our $10 Senior Pass and hiking boots we plan to trek through the other 33. Friends ask, "what is your favorite park". Such an unfair question. I haven't been in one that didn't capture the spirit of the land.



P.S. I support the parks because… these beautiful gifts need to be protected for us and future generations.

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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park offers a variety of bioclimatic zones within its boundaries—high mountains with glaciers and flower-laden, sub-alpine meadows, deep river valleys draped in temperate rainforest, and wild, rugged Pacific coast. At nearly one million acres, the park is unique in that no road crosses its expanse, and thus, 95 percent of the park is designated wilderness.

  • State: Washington
  • Established: 1909
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